Selling Property in Winter: All You Need to Know

Here at Breaden McCardle Lawyers, residential conveyancing law is our specialty, so trust us when we say selling your home in late winter or in early spring may not be as bad an idea as it sounds! In fact, there are several reasons it could be a better option than selling in the warmer seasons; maybe your work gets in the way of a summer sale, maybe your finances are tipping you toward selling sooner, or maybe the timing just seems right. […]

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Why You Need to Plan Your Estate

Do you really need an estate planning lawyer? Well, if you want your assets looked after in a particular way after you pass away, the answer is yes. Planning your estate can be complicated, but it’s very important—a well-planned estate safeguards your assets from potential creditors, relationship claims, and ensure your wealth benefits those you want it to. […]

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